Interactive Video Projections by IES

We can create this effect with any image or logo and project  on walls, floors and ceilings.
It's a great way to get your logo really noticed and add some fun to the event!
You may need to allow blocked content in your web browser to view the you tube videos

Double click to the videos to  view full screen then press escape to come back. Enjoy!
Our IES logo ripples as people pass through the interactive image.
Floor projection from over head truss
Check out our Interactive Light and
Sound Experience
Note book Computers (below) with interactive
software were used for the above installation
Set up for wall or ceiling projection is as
simple as placing a our short through HD
projector with interactive software on a cart
with a  notebook computer and camera.
(shown below in a bright sunlit room)
More interactive projections like rose pedals, circles and light particles
Interactive IES video logo projection on a wall in a bright sunlit room.
The image ripples as people move through the camera field ( or projection field if desired).
Below is a video of the  Dia de los Meurtos Image projected on a limestone wall. As people
interact with the projection the original image disappears revealing the sponsors logos.
Prete Plaza Round Rock Texas.
Setup for floor projection can also be simple. The
images below show our BenQ projector on an AV
cart projecting the interactive Imagine logo on the
floor in front of the elevator. The event was the City
Round Rocks Imagine 2014 Art opening at Texas
State University.
This Independence Day Image is  projected outside on a wall at Wild Country in Harker
Heights TX. The original image fades as people move through the projection
revealing the tag line. We can do this with any image, logo or monogram.
The images below show our Ben Q projector
hung from a truss with the interactive image
shining on the floor as people enter the 2015
Imagine Art opening at Texas State University
in Round Rock TX.